On the first of May, 2020,The Anglican Church of the Valley began holding in-person worship services after a two month pause.

For those of you who wish to join us for worship Sunday now, let me acquaint you with some of the precautions we are taking and how you can help keep everyone safe and healthy.

Prior to the service, we clean the bathrooms and wipe down all frequently touched surfaces with antiseptic wipes and/or an alcohol solution. While the chance of contracting the coronavirus from a surface is probably slim, it is a good idea to avoid touching things like doorknobs, hymnals and countertops any more than necessary.  We are not using any hymnals or other books except the worship aid during the service.  The worship aid will have been prepared days ahead of time and not touched until it is made available on Sunday morning.

There is no music or singing at the service for the time being.  The primary way that coronavirus spreads is through droplets in the air produced when people sneeze, cough, talk or sing.  Singing produces many more of these droplets than talking so we will not be singing for a little while.  It is now a state mandate that attendees wear masks during the service.  Mask wearing combined with social distancing is the most effective and practical way to prevent the spread of this disease when you are gathering with others.  Of course, you will need to remove your mask to receive communion and directions will be given about this during the service.

We have gathered for worship in the social hall but will return to the sanctuary on Easter, April 4, 2021.  While it will be impossible to remain six feet from everyone the whole time we are together, please be conscious of social distancing and try to do so as much as is practical in either community room or sanctuary - and before and after the service.

There will be no passing of the peace, no coffee hour and no Adult Sunday School until further notice. Worship will begin at 11 am,

I thank you in advance for your cooperation and I ask for your patience as we try to keep everyone safe. Hopefully, we can continue to return to a more normal service process over the next several months.

Blessings to all,