• Part 1 - The Annunciation45:33
  • Part 2 - The Visitation45:36
  • Part 3 - The Nativity41:13
  • Part 4 - The Presentation49:39
  • Part 5 - The Temple49:59

When God Does Something New

The Rev. Dr. John Gibson, a member of the Anglican Church of the Valley, led a five-part presentation recently entitled "When God Does Something New."

The  presentations examined five significant passages from the Gospel of Luke, each concerning the birth and early life of Jesus. The focus was on one very important question: What are the things God does when He’s getting ready to do something new? Is there a pattern? What can Jesus’ birth and childhood show us about how God may wish to work in our own lives? What can these passages show us about how he may wish to work in ACOTV? 

The excellent presentations were recorded and are posted below.  We think you'll find these discussions enlightening.

There are five presentations.  The first focuses on the Annunciation, the announcement to Mary that she would bear a son.  The second is on the Visitation, Mary's trip to visit her cousin, who was pregnant with a son who would  grow to be John the Baptist.  The third part is on the Nativity itself, and the fourth is on the Presentation of the baby Jesus in the Temple as required under Jewish law.  The last presentation is on Jesus' visit to the Temple in Jerusalem when he was 12.

The Rev. Dr. John Gibson