From The Vicar - Videos After October 25

The Last Video ( for a while)

 I want to extend my thanks to all of you who have been watching the weekly videos produced by Anglican Church of the Valley since March of this year. We have produced over thirty videos and they have received hundreds of views. This endeavor was embarked upon in the first days of the coronavirus lockdown and has always been a shoestring affair.  We have been using borrowed equipment, borrowed internet access and volunteer labor to produce the videos, get them uploaded to YouTube and distributed to the parishioners.  We owe all of those involved a debt of gratitude for their efforts.

Such an endeavor cannot be expected to continue indefinitely and I believe it is time to call a halt to the weekly videos for a time.  Lockdown restrictions have eased and our in person services are now well attended.  The viewership of our videos has declined significantly over time and the effort to produce them with the limited means at our disposal has become burdensome. Therefore, I ask your indulgence while we take a break, look at purchasing some new equipment, establish a reliable internet connection and develop a fresh approach to providing on-line offerings to the public.

I am always ready to assist those who are homebound by making visits, bringing Holy Communion, talking on the telephone or running errands. You need but ask and I will do my best for you. Suggestions for how I can best serve are always welcome.

Thank you and God Bless!