Service To Our Church.

Church members prepare the items used in Holy Communion prior to each service.

Members volunteer to help with refreshments after each service.

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A talented church member crafted the beautiful linens used on the Altar.

The Anglican Church of the Valley is a small church that remains vibrant and growing through to efforts, energy, faith and commitment of its members.  We take a real pride in our church family and its success is spreading Christ.  Join us for worship any time and you'll find yourself becoming a part of the church family and help us to grow and thrive.

Ways of serving the Anglican Church of the Valley

  • In the service... Many members choose to be a part of the service by offering their voices as layreaders.  Layreaders may read the lessons for the day, the Psalm, or the Prayers of the People - the congregational petitions to God.  After a little training, members also assist with administering the Chalice during Eucharist when only one of our clergy is present. Other members serve as acolytes  during the service and carry the cross or banner into the church, or assist with preparation for Eucharist.  Acolytes are usually vested and contribute greatly to the service.
  • With the Altar...  Members of the church must prepare the Altar each Sunday by placing the items used by the priest in the service on or near the Altar - and making sure the colors of the fine linens on the Altar are correct for the church calendar.  These folks also remove the Altar and related items following the service for cleaning and storage.
  • With refreshments..Coffee is made available during the Study Group prior to each service, and coffee, juices, pastries and other refreshments are made available following the service.  Usually individuals, couples or groups of members regularly volunteer to provide and put out refreshments.
  • With special meals and events... Many times during the year members of the church gather for a special meal following a service, to celebrate the visit of our Bishop, or just because we truly enjoy our fellowship.  Many times such meals are provided as "potluck" with some persons volunteering to coordinate the meal.
  • With church leadership... The Anglican Church of the Valley is governed by a group of members called a Vestry.  Members of the Vestry are elected annually and meet usually monthly to act on church finances, resources, plans and other matters.  All members are encouraged to serve on the Vestry to keep it and our church fresh and moving forward with good ideas.  Other leaders and volunteers manage schedules for Altar care, layreaders, clergy, refreshments and other parts of church life.
  • With printed and digital materials...  The service each Sunday is printed in a handout so members and visitors can easily participate in the service and get information about church happenings.  Likewise, the church has this website and a Facebook page maintained by volunteers.
  • By being there and being a part...  The Anglican Church of the Valley is a relatively small church that meets in a beautiful old Jewish temple.  There are many little things to do each Sunday, like putting our (or taking in) our signs, or carrying the cross and other items into the sanctuary, or distributing hymnals.Our church is strong because there are always people there willing to do what needs to be done.

The church vestry provides overall leadership to the church organization.